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Habitat for Humanity to move away from York New Salem project

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

York Habitat for Humanity decides the fight to build a home in York New Salem isn’t worth the effort.  The organization had plans to build a handicap accessible home on an open lot in September but a group of homeowners didn’t think it was a good idea.  The neighbors were openly worried what the habitat homes would do to their property values.  Their concerns proved to be too much to overcome.

Debbie Krout-Althoff, Exec. Dir., Habitat for Humanity, “we don’t want to put a homeowner into an unwelcome situation and in a neighborhood that is not in favor.”

The Hanlin Family would have been the new homeowners but now habitat will begin the process of looking for another location to build or find an existing ranch home they can modify.



  • olieself

    thats whats wrong with our country selfish people who dont want to help anyone glad i moved out of New Salem ashamed to say i ever lived there

  • MYOB

    I wouldn't want to live in that neighborhood either!!! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS what ever happened to THAT concept… A bunch of Bigoted old people trying to "keep undesirables" out of "THEIR" neighborhood… I hope whole truck loads of people decide to move here and rain on their OLD wrinkly ass parade!!!!!!!!!

  • Unknown

    Glad they had to find a new place and you probably had to

    Move out of here because you couldn’t pay your mortgage you idiot. We work hard to have a nice quiet neighborhood and do not need this nonsense here. Mind your own business? It’s our business when they tear down tons of trees and do not look at the laws. I’d love to see how you would react of they wanted to build trash in your neighborhood, oh wait you both are trash.

  • Joneze

    This article only has a few pieces of the whole story and they have used those pieces in a way to make those that live there look incredibly horrible. After reading more of the story on WHTM, I can say that I can see both sides of the picture. I would also be upset if someone ruined what was supposed to be "green" space to build another house. It was brought up at the meeting to renovate an existing property that is not being used but, it would seem that none of those other houses are usable for the situation. I, for one, think that H4H should spend more time renovating instead of just building new, it would be much less wasteful that way.
    Finally, this is a free country and people are allowed to voice a concern. They are not just trying to be rude to the family or belittle them, as some seem to think.

    • Francis VonWald

      Why wasen't green space discovered in February when this was approved for development? However I agree with the next comment. My take on it. Money has been spent on this property because of Februarys decision. The right thing would be to purchase it.

  • MyTakeOnIt

    When something like this aggravates next-door neighbors, band together to purchase the property yourselves and subdivide to add to your adjacent property.

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