“Unlawful Falafel” food truck not allowed in Carlisle under old ban

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There’s a local food vendor who’s not being allowed to bring his mobile business to Carlisle.

But the “Unlawful Falafel” may still be taking to the streets.

Jason Turner has a ball of fun as he prepares for another day operating “Unlawful Falafel.”

“I hope to someday create an empire,” says Turner.

The falafel master isn’t going to let a little rain ruin his food cart creations, so he moved inside the Ms Ruth’s Timebomb shop for the day.

Turner says, “I can serve you something for $4-$6 that I got from farms that are local, that’s good for you, tastes amazing.”

But the only thing standing in his way of satisfying customers is a Carlisle borough code enacted in the 1980’s.

Council member, Tim Scott says, “The council didn’t feel like dealing with any kind of mobile food vendors, so the only way you can have any kind of mobile food vending is if it’s a parade or a civic event.”

Scott says the borough is revisiting the ban and he’s hopeful it will be lifted.

“As long as they understand the restaurants are happy, what we’re doing moving forward, and proper oversight, I think I can have a majority support with this,” says Scott.

Turner says, “I just want to sell falafels, in order to do it, I might have to change the law.”

The next step in lifting the ban will be on July 31st.  The council members will continue discussions on making “Unlawful Falafel” legal in your streets.