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York Habitat for Humanity has announced they are now searching for a new location for their Women Build 2013 project, which would eventually provide a handicap accessible home for a York County single mom and her two sons.
York Habitat was planning to break ground on the construction site towards the end of the summer, but unexpectedly decided to change plans after a council meeting earlier this week.  The organization released the following statement explaining the situation:
    “Just prior to Tuesday evening’s York New Salem (YNS) Borough Council meeting, York Habitat learned 
    that a previous land use restriction on the property from 1986 may have preclude construction on the site –
    even though the YNS Planning Commission approved the subdivision plans just a few weeks prior to the
Council meeting.
     In reaction to this last minute development, York Habitat applied for a thirty day extension to explore the issue
      before seeking final approval from the Borough Council. However, after the overwhelming opposition voiced by
      local residents at that YNS Borough Council meeting, York Habitat has made a most difficult decision and faced
the reality that the best course of action is to secure another property for the Hanline’s home where this most-
 deserving family will be embraced by the community rather than placing them in such an unwelcoming
York Habitat has already started to look for a new lot for the Hanline family.  The organization is hoping to stick to the initial construction plans, with ground breaking later this summer, but they need a lot to be donated very soon for that to happen.  The lot will have to meet specific requirements because the home has to be handicap accessible:
     1)      Minimum Lot Width – 72 feet (with allowable 10 feet side set-backs) House is 52 feet wide
     2)      Minimum Lot Area – Depends upon zoning regulations (total proposed impervious surface 2500 sq. ft.)        
              Typically at least .25 acre is needed  
     3)      Public Utilities – Water, Sewer and Electric
     4)      Zoned for residential single-family dwelling
     5)      Sub-division and land development completed. Approved building lot preferred due to short time frame     
              for the start of the build; however a lot in stages of development would be considered as well. 
     6)      Limited slope to accommodatesingle floor rancher with ADA entries
    *Another option would be to acquire a three bedroom rancher in the same areas of York County that has 
     public sewer and water and could be modified to meet the needs of the family. (The Hanline family currently    
     lives in the Red Lion School District but is certainly willing to relocate to other suitable areas of the County).      
     A donation of an existing single story home would be ideal as it would allow the raised funds to be used for
     the renovations of the home. Obtaining an existing home that can renovated for handicap accessibility would  
     guarantee that the Women Build 2013 project would continue on time, but most importantly would transform
     Laurie from a renter to a homeowner without the delay of the land development process.
Anyone knowing of a suitable building lot or existing house that could become the future home for the Hanline family can contact Associate Director, Miles Fishel at (717)854-6168 ext 102 or email miles@yorkhabitat.org


  • ppm

    I am sickened by the folks in YNS – especially Sherwood Forest. In particular one family that started all of this. I, too, have been on the throes of not having a suitable home to live in. It's a difficult situation to be in. Thorns to this community for not giving a deserving family a chance! You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Ed Mundorf

      I'm sickened by the attitidue on the part of Habitat. They were rude, arrogant, and nasty. One comment from a Habitat lady was "those people are white", meaning the new owners…as if that even mattered. One neighbor had his truck egged. Habitiat lied on their newsletter stating they already owned the land. At a borough meeting, one of them reeked of alcohol. Bottom line is the owners of the shopping center knew about the Sherwood Forest covenant. And so did Borough Council…and they should never have allowed it to begin with. And the lot is about a 10% grade, which would not be good for a child needing a wheel chair friendly environment. There are many other vacant homes in New Salem that could be fitted to their needs. I'll be ashamed of myself after I get the opportunity to discuss this whole thing with you personally. You can throw criticism from the comfort of your home, but you don't have the guts to say to our faces.

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