Search For Missing Glen Rock Man Continues

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It’s been more than a month since Thomas Augustyniak was reported missing from his home in Glen Rock, York County.

Today a volunteer group conducted a grid search, looking for any clues that might lead to the missing man.

This group of men doesn’t personally know Thomas Augustyniak.

They say they saw his story on the internet and wanted to pick up where others left off.

Searching on foot, 6 volunteers set out.

“Move as quick as you can,” says a volunteer.

Dressed from head to toe in camouflage..

“If there’s no break in the brush just come back out,” says volunteer, George Kareles.

To see if they could help solve this mystery.

“Anywhere where the person might have made a path through the woods, may have bedded down looking for depressions in the area,” says volunteer, John Lutte.

Time is not working in their favor.

In fact, Thomas Augustyniak was last seen on April 24th.

An extensive search by police and search and rescue crews came up empty.

“Just come back on the road and we’ll continue further down,” says a volunteer.

But, this group believes they can make a difference.

“Hopefully we’re able to catch some clues that will lead us to find this person,” says Lutte.

The PA Defense Force didn’t contact family members to let them know they were searching.

“It’s only going to bring back the sensitive issue, they’re still obviously distraught that the individual hasn’t been found,” says Kareles.

But we spole with Augustyniak’s wife off camera.

She told us quote-“It makes me happy to know there’s people out there looking, but this should’ve been done a long time ago.”

The two day search will continue tomorrow as volunteers try and cover as much ground as possible, to bring a man home..where he belongs.

Augustyniak’s wife told FOX43 that although the Glen Rock Police Chief has been very helpful, the department hasn’t released any new information.