Two teens facing sexual assault charges in Carlisle

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Two teenage boys  are accused of sexually assaulting two juvenile girls in Carlisle. The girls, ages 12 and 13, went to police on Monday and told officers they had just been attacked by two boys at a home in the borough.

Police were unable to say which of the girls was raped, but identified them both as victims.

Detectives were able to locate the boys, ages 14 and 13, and brought them in for questioning with their parents on Monday evening.

The 14-year-old was taken to a juvenile detention center and charged with rape, indecent assault, simple assault and harassment, according to a police press release.

The other boy was released back into the custody of his parents. Charges are expected to be filed at a later date through juvenile court for indecent assault, simple assault and harassment, police said.


  • stephanie cauler

    yeah ok…..those girls just got caught and cried RAPE they knew exactly what they were gonna do before they got there…..sorry seen it happy way too much….bet when its all said and done and over they didn't rape the willing…

  • bev

    you dont know that. so why dont you wait till the details come out to start bashing children. so what if they did go to meet these boys with the idea that they may have sex? is a person not entitled to change their mind? when it comes down to it these kids, all four of them, should not be having sex or even thinking about it. they are way to young.

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