York City Residents Fear For Safety After Shooting

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A York city shooting injured four people in the 600 block of West Princess Street Monday night.

People living where the shooting took place are on edge.

They’re worried about where the shooter or shooters may be.

Alzina Banks lives right above where the shootings happened.

“I’m really afraid of a bullet coming flying through my window and it’s unexpected and the next think you know I’m gone,” says Alzina Banks.

Others in the neighborhood feel the same way.

“If I’m walkin’ down the street, I might get shot.. for no reason at all,” says neighbor, Adrienne Patterson.

Monday night’s shooting sent four people to the hospital.

They’re all expected to recover.

Justine Walker moved in three weeks ago.

She calls yesterday’s incident a “joy” shooting.

“If you haven’t noticed everybody who’s been shot in York, the bullet was not meant for that person,” says Walker.

Neighbors may be worried but it’s these cameras in front of Bev’s Grocery Store and at the intersection which captured footage from the shooting last night.

And that’s something that gives the people here some comfort.

“I think it’s a good thing, keep us citizens safe,” says Patterson.

Police are hoping both cameras hold the answers, and so is the neighborhood.

“If anything it helps, it helps figure out who’s doing it and how to stop it,” says Walker.

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