Golf Tip of the Week: Conservative Approach

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The U.S. Open underway near Philadelphia and to win the U.S. Open, you have to be patient and not get greedy.  This week’s Sutliff Chevrolet Golf Tip shows us what happens when you take the conservative approach.

Here at Conestoga Country Club in Lancaster county is the head pro and general manager Robert Leeman.”

“We are here with an iron shot here today. It is 151 yards. The green is protected on both sides by the bunkers. The pin today is a little to the right hand side which if you go at that flag there is not a lot to recover if you miss it from the right. So the smart shot here is probably  to play it towards the middle of the green. Take your luck and try to get par and don’t make to much of an error that you can’t recover from. So i have an 8 iron here looking about the middle of my stance and looking at the middle of the green. I am trying to avoid the trouble and just trying to hit a good solid shot and a safe shot…… just take your three and get out of here.”

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