Traditional Carlisle Fireworks May Be Canceled

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A 26 year old tradition might go down the drain just because a local town can’t raise enough money.

Carlisle needs 6,000 more dollars to pay for its annual July 4th celebration fireworks show — which is funded solely by donations.

Mayor Bill Kronenberg is constantly on the phone

“We`d like to know if you can give us any kind of donation?” asks Kronenberg (over the phone).

And computer..typing away and begging for people to donate to a longtime Carlisle tradition, July 4th fireworks, which are planned for July 6th.

“We rely on businesses and banks and community organizations to support the fireworks and this year we`re a little short,” says Kronenberg.

Rita Berkebile lives just across from the fairgrounds.

She watches the fireworks every year from this very spot.

“It`s kind of upsetting to me because I can sit here right in the porch right here and watch them and a lot of times my grand-children bring the great grand-children over,” says Rita Berkebile.

For Berkebile it’s a family event.

And for those who help run the town, it’s found a special place.

“It`s part of the community itself,” says council member, Linda Cecconello.

For the past 26 years the town of Carlise has come together here at the fairgrounds to watch the fireworks but this year those bleachers behind me? Well they might stay empty.>>

“We hate to cancel them but if we don`t get enough money by Wednesday we`re going to have to cancel the fireworks,” Cecconello.

Linda Cecconello can’t imagine the show not going on.

“It`s frightening,” Cecconello.

But she says she knows the town well and hopefully someone cares enough to keep the tradition going.

“Anytime there`s a need in the community the community comes up and sometimes it is the last minute but they always come up and help us out,” says Cecconello.


  • MyTakeOnIt

    Put donation boxes in convenience stores and restaurants. See if the people that watch them will donate.

  • uncle joe

    Don't cancel. get some balloons and have someone pop them
    and throw colored rocks in the air to make it look like real fire works.
    the kids will never know. wise up people, this country is broke.

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