Young York County girl enters pageant to boost self confidence

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A young girl looks to build self confidence when she competes in the National American Miss Pageant.

Excitement shines through Nataleah Abate as she practices her perfect hair-do for the pageant.  She says, “I want my hair up with flowers in it.”

But this beaming 6-year old wasn’t chosen as a state finalist for her physical appearance.

“I pick up trash and litter and a little bit of glass,” says Nataleah.

She has a passion to help her community.  “To pick up garbage is a good thing to keep the earth clean.”

The person behind Nataleah’s roadside clean-up is her friend, Mateo Maldonado.

Maldonado says, “Get people to help and then we pick up trash and some person will hold the bag and somebody will pick up trash.”

Nataleah’s mom, Michelle, couldn’t be happier for her experience.

Michelle says, “This will help her build self confidence, be able to walk out on stage and be around other children and friends…she’s beautiful inside and out.”

Contestants under 12 years old are not allowed to wear makeup when they compete.  In August, Nataleah competes for the State Finals, in Harrisburg.  If she wins, she could go onto Nationals in California.