TSA app aids in summer travel

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You wait all year for your summer vacation and getting the entire family onto an airplane can be a daunting task.  The TSA is helping travelers with an app aimed at making their lives a little easier. The ” My TSA” app gives passengers 24/7 access to their most frequently asked questions. There’s even a button entitled, “Can I bring?”. You simply type in an item and it lets you know if you’re allowed to bring it on the plane.

The TSA also has an entire blog dedicated to travel. Getting married? It gives you instructions on how to get your dress to your location safely. Going camping ? The blog lists every item from a camping stove to fishing rods it explains the safest way to get your gear where it needs to be.

Here is a link to the blog and app:



  • Dave

    The TSA Hurts WAY more than they help. 4th Amendment? Yup, that means nothing. They run the airlines like a police state and you are a criminal before you walk in the door. Along with the fact, they are all wannabe rent-a-cops whom every other day a new article is published demonstrating how many criminals they have working for them, the whole outfit needs to be banned and torn down.

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