Corbett to Sebelius: Help us Save CHIP for Pennsylvania’s Children

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Governor Tom Corbett today again asked U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to not force children currently covered under Pennsylvania’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (PA CHIP) into the Medicaid program.

“PA CHIP is a national model that provides not only a robust array of health insurance benefits, but also access to more doctors and hospitals than traditional Medicaid,” Corbett said. “Why should any of us have to explain to even one parent why their child must find a new doctor?”

HHS has indicated that the move is required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a fact which Corbett challenged in the letter.

Corbett also reiterated his long-standing goal to increase access to affordable healthcare coverage options for Pennsylvanians. However, he expressed concerns that moving PA CHIP participants to Medicaid could cause disruptions in their relationships with their health care providers and delays in their ability to access care.

“There is no question that you have the authority to allow Pennsylvania to keep its children in PA CHIP,” Corbett added. “Let’s work together to preserve – not dismantle – a program that works for Pennsylvania’s children and their families.”

For more information and previous correspondence with HHS, visit and click on “Affordable Care Act News.”


  • Onery

    Sabilas wouldn't go to bat for a dying 10-year old girl. What makes Corbett think she gives a hoot about the children of Pennsylvania?

  • Jp Fox

    Per PA. Health Access Network: "Under the Affordable Care Act, 700,000 hardworking Pennsylvanians will get health coverage next year — unless Governor Corbett and state lawmakers block it. Turning down the $43 billion that's already set aside for Pennsylvania will leave over half-a-million folks uninsured AND squander the opportunity to create hundreds of thousands of jobs across the state." – via : &

    • Jeremy

      Jp Fox, a wasted "Free" federal dollar is still a wasted dollar. Medicaid is a broken and fraud filled program. Pumping more money into broken programs only magnifies the problem.
      Only true patient driven programs help the poor without massive waste.

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