Historic Lancaster County House Up for Sale

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A piece of 18th century in Lancaster county is up for sale.

If you are looking at buying it, then carrying it off the lot in East Lampeter Township could be a challenge.  That’s because it’s a 14×14 foot, one and a half story wood beam structure built in 1762.

The non-profit organization, “Life Awakening”, is offering the house to whoever makes an offer and can come get it.  “Life Awakening” is a place for women who are, or have been victims of abuse.

Historic Home

Linda Ingham, executive director of Life Awakening, ” It’s got a good structure to it though so we would love to see someone who would take the little log cabin and do something really special with it that what we would love to happen.”

“Life Awakening” is not asking for a specific price for the house.  They’d actually prefer to have someone take it in exchange for a donation to their organization.

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  • Liselotte

    Bronson Pinchot should get this one…he would make it remarkable! Forward it on to him and give this house a new lease on life

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