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Local LGBT group celebrates supreme court decisions

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While the nations capital filled with celebrations from same sex supporters, the courts decision leaving many same sex couples wondering how this will affect them. Cheers filled the LGBT center in Harrisburg as the Supreme Court same-sex marriage rulings came down. David Kern says his emotions overcame him as he learned the news.

“ It`s an amazing day for freedom and equal rights for all. My partner and I love each other dearly and to be finally said that we are equal as everyone else is an amazing feeling,” says Kern

The Supreme Count ruled part of the Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional and the Justices made it possible for same-sex marriages to resume in California after rejecting an appeal on the state’s Proposition 8.

While there were celebrations going on around the country opponents are hinting that it`s no where near the end.

“ No matter how any of us feel about the outcomes in these cases one thing is true. The Supreme Court has no authority  when it comes to the nature of marriage.  That authority belongs to the creator whom our founders declared is the source of all our rights. The public conversation over marriage continues and that is a good thing,” says Rev. Rob Scheneck, Evangelical Church Alliance

One thing that both sides agree on is that the fight continues.

“ There is still a lot of work to be done in Pennsylvania and this is a great step forward. This helps with the foundation but we have a lot to do here,” says Ted Martin, Equality Pennsylvania

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