Anniversary events begin with a blast in Gettysburg

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A few dozen reenactors and other Civil War buffs began Thursday the roughly week-long celebration marking the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

The reenactors represented the North and the South and are part of a non-profit group called the Blue Gray Alliance.

“This is the Super Bowl of reenacting. It will never get any bigger than this right now. And, having had a family history and an interest in history, I couldn’t think of any other place to be,” said Dave Eisele who traveled to Gettysburg from Rockford, Ill.

Thursday’s events included an opening prayer, music, cannon fire and a period game called Rounders. It was a precursor to modern-day baseball.

“For those of us who just have a pure addiction to American history, there’s no greater experience than to wear the wool,” said Jim Turner, a reenactor from Oklahoma City. He’ll be camping out without any of today’s modern conveniences. He said he enjoys the chance to “walk the ground, get the bug bites, get rained on your head on the very same ground as your beloved ancestors.”

For a list of events in the coming days, click here.

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  • uhavnoclu

    Gettysburg traffic system and lighting synch is the worst in the country for it's size,and this is during the winter.
    It's going to be a parking lot traffic mess.the lame brain who is in charge of the traffic should be fired.

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