150th Gettysburg Celebration Events Schedule

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150th Commemoration and Reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg – Schedule of Events

Friday, June 28,  2013
8:30-11:30am             The Battle Begins, Buford’s Stand, The Railroad Cut,  McPherson’s Ridge
11am                           Terry Arliskas “Cadet Gray and Butternut Brown: Notes on Confederate Uniforms”
Noon                           Civil War Music Performance: Unreconstructed String Band
1pm                             Dressed  for Work: Women’s Wear in the 1860s
2pm                             Surgeon Steinbach “Medicine at Gettysburg”
3pm                             General Buford Living Historian “Buford’s Tactics at Gettysburg”
4pm                             Civilian Activity “Make and Take Collar and Cuffs”
5pm                             General Lee Living Historian Talk
6pm                             Dr. James Paradis “African Americans and the Gettysburg Campaign”
7pm                             ‘A Temperance Tableau wherein an Innocent is brought to Ruin by that Evil Deceiver Demon Rum’ presented by The Flint Hill Temperance Society
8pm-9pm                    Battle of Culp’s Hill and East Cemetery Ridge

Saturday, June 29, 2013
9am                            Dr. Bradley Gottfried “Maps of Gettysburg”
10am                         Blue Gray  Ladies Consortium: Fashion Show/Ladies Tea
10-11am                   Hanover Cavalry Battle
Noon                         General Lee Living Historian Talk
1pm                           Dr. Mike McGough “Leadership Under Fire: Lessons from the Battle of Gettysburg”
2pm                          Tom Arliskas “Cadet Gray and Butternut Brown: Notes on Confederate Uniforms”
2pm-6pm                  Battles of Devil’s Den, Little Round Top, Wheatfield, Peach Orchard
3pm                           Gettysburg Discussion and Social
4pm                          “Enlist Now!” Interactive Children’s Program
5pm                           General Buford Living Historian “Federal Cavalry at Gettysburg”
6pm                           General  Garnett and Colonel Alexander Living Historians Talk
7pm                           Frank Piatek “1st PA Artillery at Gettysburg”
8pm                           Civil War Ball: Unreconstructed String Band

Sunday, June 30, 2013
9am                         General Pickett Living Historian ”From West Point to Gettysburg”
10am                       Father Corby “The Irish at Gettysburg and in America”
8:30-9:15am           Culp’s Hill Counterattack Battle
9am-10am              East Cavalry Field Cavalry Battle
11am                      Dressed for Work: Women’s Wear in the 1860s
Noon                       General Meade Living History Talk
12:30pm                 Pickett, Pettigrew, Trimble Charge

Various  authors will be signing books in the speakers tent as well including
Bradley Gottfried, Philip Cole, Don Ernsberger, Patrick Schroeder, Tom Arliskas, James  Paradis

services will be held as follows:
Sunrise  at “The Angle” Period Episcopal Service
8am in Federal Irish Brigade Camp
Tridentine Catholic Mass (period Latin mass) of the Orthodox Catholic Church of
America celebrated by Fr. Stephen Duncan portraying Father Corby
9am Period
Church Service in the Borough of Fairfield located in the CS camp area

8:00 am Sunday

On Sunday Morning at 8:00 am, there will be a Roman Catholic  Mass in the Extraordinary Form (Latin/Tridentine) Celebrated by Fr. Charles  Vreeland, FSSP. The Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg affirms that this Mass  fulfills Catholics’  Sunday  obligation.
This will take place  in the civilian Town of Gettysburg area, located on the event battlefield.

10:00 am Sunday
On Sunday Morning at 10:00 am, there will be a Lutheran service  in the civilian Town of Gettysburg area.
The service will be in accordance with the General Synod of the  Evangelical Lutheran Church in the United States as constituted in 1847, and
will be conducted in period format. As a matter of modern convenience, this is an open table service for believing Christians of all denominations, and
communion is optional.  Conducted  by John Masciale, Elder of Cross and Crown Lutheran Church, Arlington Heights,  Illinois.

The Town of Gettysburg area, located on the event battlefield is open to spectators and event participants during Sunday morning religious
services. No military pass is required in order to enter the Town area during this time. Weapons must either be left in camp or properly stacked on the edge
of Town with your designated guard.

For more information visit www.bluegraygettysburg.com
or email 150thgettysburg@longstreetscorps.com

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