Salisbury Twp. accident involving horse and buggy

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Four people including three young children are thrown from a horse and buggy tonight in Lancaster County.

The accident happened along Lincoln Highway near Route 772 in Salisbury Twp just before 8pm.

State Troopers say a car hit the buggy when it was pulling out of a driveway.

Everyone in the buggy was ejected.  We’re being told none of their injuries appear to be life-threatening.  The person inside the car was not hurt.


  • MyTakeOnIt

    Without knowing details here, sometimes you have to wonder about car drivers that can't seem to avoid crashing into slow-moving buggies. I mean, if you can't manage to make maneuvers and control your car for a slow buggy, what other things would you hit? The flagman? The school bus? The bicyclist? The trash truck? The fire police directing traffic away from a wreck ahead? A kid on a bicycle? Your elderly mom crossing to get the mail?

  • Jean

    Was the car that hit the buggy a blue one? My daughter was driving that stretch of road last night- at that time and said a blue car sped past them in he break down lane. She told her husband he is going to hurt someone. Minuteslater they came over a hill and saw the debris everywhere. Shecalled me hysterically, saying that a buggy was hit. She lives in that area so this hits hard. If it was the same car, I hope some charges are filed because he was driving illegally in the breakdown lane and speeding.Who does that on that strip of highway!!

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