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Pirates continue their winning streak with 10-3 over the Brewers

Tune in to FOX43 News on Saturday when the Milwaukee Brewers head to PNC Park for game 2 of the series with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Currently, the Bucs are tied with the St. Louis Cardinals for the lead in the NL Central and the best record in Major League Baseball. The Pirates improved to 49-30 — they are 19 games over .500 for the first time since 1992, their last winning season.

They will take a six game winning streak into this weekend’s series versus the Milwaukee Brewers, finally appear poised to break their record-setting streak of 20 consecutive losing seasons, the most in North American professional team sports, according to USA Today.

The last time the Pirates won a World Series was in 1979.

FOX43 was originally scheduled to air the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles game.

We are sorry for the last minute change to our broadcasting schedule.

Tune into FOX43 News at 7:15 p.m.


  • jason gish

    i agree same, this is BS. Orioles-Yankees tonight is a huge matchup and the atmosphere will be electric. why the heck was this change made?

  • Mark


  • Izzie

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????? The O's and the Yankees play tonight and you're televising Milwaukee and Pittsburgh???? I'm almost speechless, but not quite……Milwaukee and Pittsburgh?? MILWAUKEE AND PITTSBURGH????? You obviously do not have any grasp as to your viewing audience is! No wonder Fox 43 is the low man on the totem pole as far as ratings go. This broadcast won't be watched in this household, nor in many others I'm sure.

  • David

    What a joke!!!!!!! I can not believe you are showing the Pirates and the Brewers!!!!! Shame on you for not knowing your audience.

  • Guest

    Wish they had the bucco game in maryland theyre still showing the O's and Yanks. and now there is nowhere to watch the bucco game since blacked it out

  • O's fan

    This is the dumbest thing ever, who made this stupid decision? The game is not even on MASN because of the FOX thing. Very very unhappy. FOX 43 you lost a viewer.

  • gbrglax

    Who had the bright idea to block the 0's game? Harrisburg is in the 0rioles' MLB market, not the Pirates'!

  • An angry viewer

    This is a terrible decision. You advertise one game and change to another game with little or no interest.
    Why? Can you answer that question?

  • O's fan

    9-0 go O's!!! I still am in complete shock FOX 43 is not showing the Yankees vs Orioles!! Somebody should be fired over this

  • Brian

    Have ended up listening to the radio broadcast of the game and turning off our TV.
    … In a day where there are 100's of TV channels to choose from, Fox will be low on our list.

  • Joe

    Probably Toth. He still doesn't realize he lives 4-5 from Pitt, This is a different market knuckleheads!

  • u kidding?

    What azz hat put the Pirates and Brewers on over the O's and Yankees? The only bright spot is don't have to listen to Buck and McCarver insult the O's.

  • ct anonymous

    To who/whom it may concern,
    I don’t have anything against the Bucks, really glad they’re winning for the first time since ’92!
    If your ratings include anyone who set their DVR to record the ORIOLES GAME on LOCAL FOX 43 like I did; don’t fool yourself… False ratings tonight for sure!   Bad decision.
    Since I currently live back in Dork again, I mean York PA; as of tonight, I will henceforth get my local news/weather/etc. from Harrisburg or Lancaster.
    Does anyone at your station have local roots anymore?etc. etc., blah blah blah
    I usually don’t write about this type of thing, but I am pissed about this and you need to know.
    I would be shocked if your overall ratings did not drop even further.Maybe you don’t care.
    Could have watched the Pirates on Root Network, but not the O’s on MASN!
    Thanks for NOTHING!

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