Paying it Forward in Millersville, Lancaster County

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This week’s Pay it Forward is in Millersville, Lancaster County, where one woman wanted to help a hardworking, single mom going through a difficult time.

Everyone knows a mom who leaves no time for herself and always puts her kids and others first. For Kristina Bennawit, that person is her close friend Sara Vargas.

“She raised two wonderful girls, all on her own and she works very hard and I just want to be able to give back to her, what she gives to everybody else,” Bennawit said.

Vargas’ elderly parents live in Florida and are both ill. She has been trying to come up with the money to go see them while her father undergoes major surgery.

“I wanted to see if I could help her with a plane ticket, or gas money or anything to help her go and see her dad before it’s too late,” Bennawit said.

Off we went to Millersville, where Vargas had no idea we were about to bring her joy at her job, surprising her with $200.

“What the heck Kristina!” Vargas said when she saw our FOX43 camera.

“I’m with FOX43, the pay it forward,” Bennawit said. “Here’s 200 dollars, so you can see your dad.”

“I’m shaking right now. She’s a good friend and she knows I want to see my parents,” Vargas said. “She just really got me! She just surprised me! I love her.”

With that $200 in gas money, Vargas will be driving to Florida Saturday to be with her parents.

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