A New Fireworks Tradition Has Emotions Exploding

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A major York County tradition has been changed.

The annual 4th of July celebration has been at the York Expo Center for the past 35 years.

But this year it was moved to Sovereign Bank Stadium and that has upset many people in the community.

And that’s the question we set out to find out.

We asked people on our FOX43 Facebook page if this changed would put a damper on their 4th of July plans and many agreed.

But those people didn’t show up to the event, most everyone who spoke with FOX43 was absolutely thrilled the stadium was the start of a new tradition.

“The tradition of taking 2 hours to get your car out and get home? Nahhhh this is wonderful,” says John Elicker of York.

John Elicker and pretty much everyone else who showed up thought the switch up was needed, especially for the young ones.

“It’s better for them because they’re growing up in a new environment,” says Jessica Ortiz-Ayala of York.

While it adds more fun for the kids, many who’ve celebrated at the Expo Center before say it’s no the same this year.

“It was always there and I remember one time going there as a kid, I remember it was the finale and they launched it and it was like a united states flag,” says Ian Paules of West York.

Shirley Wilkins’ neighbor agrees.

She didn’t even come tonight because the show was moved.

“She says it seems like in this country traditions are going one by one by one and she just hates to see it,” says Shirley Wilkins of York.

Our Facebook fans feel the same way.

Sam says, “Worst idea, we decided to watch our fireworks somewhere else last night since York decided to ruin our tradition.

And Jeremy Crone writes, “Traffic nightmare.”

Mary Anne Winkelman and her non profit organization, Cultural Alliance is in charge of the event.

She understands the reason for all the backlash.

“Whenever you change a tradition it’s difficult to make that adjustment,” says Winkelman.

But those here tonight are adjusting just fine.

“I think it’s great I mean, the seats are comfortable you’ve got all the concessions, you’ve got the ice cream… what else do you need in life?” says John Elicker.

People say the change of tradition gives this neighborhood and those who live nearby a chance to enjoy a new opportunity and watch the fireworks from their backyard…something those near the Expo Center had the privilege of doing for so long.

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  • MyTakeOnIt

    Excuse me if I call the Expo Center the "Fairgrounds" since most Yorkers call it just that.

    The Fairgrounds offers much more access. I don't see what's so great about the stadium. The New Year's event was moved there for a year (maybe two) and it was a flop. So much so that moving it back downtown did not show as much attendance.(My take on it)

    The stadium frenzy should slow down. Let the games stay there and the fairgrounds be for other events. Whatever the event, let both the stadium and the fairgrounds compete by bidding on it. Right now, there are probably good ole boy politics behind the decisions.

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