Man arrested for impersonating police officer in Harrisburg

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2013-06-03580 Alex McGarvey

Alex McGarvey

A 28-year-old man has been charged after police say he posed as a police officer in order to  steal a man’s wallet in Harrisburg on June 24.

Alex McGarvey, 28, of Mechanicsburg, is charged with robbery, impersonating a public servant and three counts of access device fraud.

McGarvey surrendered on Friday at the Upper Allen Township Police Department after seeing a news story about the robbery.

Back in June–a 67-year-old Camp Hill  man told investigators  he was asleep in his car along the 200 block of Pine Street when a man who identified himself as “Officer Craig” forced him awake.

Police say McGarvey then questioned the victim about possibly being intoxicated. As the victim got out of his car – McGarvey made him put his hands on a wall and told him he was being placed under arrest, according to police reports.  McGarvey then  took the victim’s wallet and ran off, detectives said.

The victim’s wallet and some ID cards were found the next day on the Riverwalk at Walnut Street.

Police say the victim’s credit card was also used in a downtown shop.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 16.



  • MyTakeOnIt

    Do idiots spontaneously decide to do this sort of thing or do they think about it for awhile?

    • Shannon Aulthouse

      No idiot! That’s my step son Ryan Donnelly and he is not a idiot u are! He was a product of a torn household and his biological father is a addict and he’s been fending for himself since he was 12!!

      So since u can’t even leave your name Butt out with your childish snide comment! These kids all had a man that fathered the two others giving them narcotics for days and doing it to supply his addiction! He should b the person in prison! So if you don’t know all the facts and you clearly don’t .. Reserve your option For a more productive answer to help others in need! Everyone makes mistakes! If you lowered yourself and walked in their shoes for a day I’m sure you would b much less judgmental and use your time to try and help another person in need! Jerk!

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