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Multi-County Investigations Approach For Central PA

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A multi-county investigations approach to capturing criminals is believed to be the key to solving crimes faster.

That’s according to the York County District Attorney.

The idea to open up a regional database and join forces with law enforcement across Central PA is currently being discussed…but will it infringe on your rights?

District Attorney Tom Kearney says this new database would be just like google but for cops.

A simple search of the type of weapon that was used in a crime would turn up all accounts for when, where, and the name(s) associated with the case.

A system like this is already in place.

But as of now, each county is working to solve crimes separately.

“Sometimes we don’t communicate with one another, this is just a matter of taking a regionalized approach to this,” says York County District Attorney, Tom Kearney.

Kearney says the idea of an intelligence analyst database was suggested to him by the York City Police Chief.

Kearney says it could lead to solving crimes in a more rapid manner with a closer eye on what he calls the fine details.

“That’ll show me if that phone number has ever been called from the jail or used as a witness in a report,” says Kearney.

People in York say they don’t like the idea that if police seize their information for witness purposes, it stays in the system for good and available to multiple law enforcement groups.

“I don’t agree with it at all I think that’s infringing on my rights and everybody else’s rights,” says Darrin Macfarlane from York.

County Commissioner President, Steve Chronister, doesn’t believe there is such a thing as being too safe.

“In much like going through airport security , I rather be more protected than letting the criminals go free,” says Chronister.

He agrees a multi-county system is a plus.

Chronister says there’s underlying issues of cooperation between the District Attorney and City Police.

Right now he wants York to have “all its ducks in a row”.

“I’m just reaching out to both of them to say look lets get things in hand that are right in front of us,” says Chronister.

Dauphin County District Attorney, Ed Marsico, says he’s on board with the idea.

Besides Dauphin, Adams, Cumberland, and Lancaster have all been invited to join York.