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Five arrests in prostitution sweep in Lancaster

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Responding to dozens of citizen complaints Lancaster Police on Monday night conducted an undercover prostitution sweep on the west side of the city. Selective Enforcement Unit officers posing as “Johns”, made contact with females who offered to engage in sexual activity for money.

Prositution Ring1

The unit made five arrests.  Charges were filed against 26 year old Nicole Ann Rineer, of New Holland, 49 year old Mary Catherine  Jones, 23 year old Charde Lynece Clawges, Amy Sue Woerner and 25 year old Robert Allen Matthews, all of Lancaster.

Robert Allen MATTHEWS

All five suspects are charged with Prostitution and related offenses.

Monday night’s  sweep is part of an ongoing effort by police to reduce the amount of prostitution related crimes on the west side of Lancaster City.


  • winston1952

    How we treat the women who work in that business is a shame. They have a dangerous life at risk from their customers and the authorities. This is an institution that has been around for thousands of year and will continue.
    Rather than outlaw it why not legalize and regulate it? Give these women (and men) recourse to a real life. You can get a better idea of a sex worker's life by watching a documentary on the business "American Courtesans". This is a film about escorts' lives made by an escort. It is a real life work and tells truths that are not seen in other films. The escorts talk as do their families about everything. Many are in it voluntarily and have families and pay taxes and have the same needs as anyone. It was moving and I learned much. This is not salacious but hard hitting. It has been shown in many film festivals including the Women’s International Film Festival and The ECU and won awards. You can learn more by going to its IMDB page or the website

    • MyTakeOnIt

      First we've got to legalize gay marriage, alcohol sales in all places and pot. Then we'll get around to prostitution. So hold on to your britches.

  • ItsMee

    So sad that these women went to that extent to make a few dollars, worse of all i went to school with charde and to be honest she couldve been something big in life hope after this these women learn from their mistakes and try and find a decent job!

  • uhavnoclu

    They have been providing a satisfactory service that people pay for for thousands of years.Take signs from them for a business to last as long as that then the country wouldn't be in debt.


    Did they do medical test on these whores and make public the diseases that they are carrying?

    That male Whore will probably have a good time in jail. He may end up finding him a husband while in there.

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