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Three men charged with stealing car

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Three men face multiple charges involving a stolen car.  The stolen vehicle was discovered Monday on its side in a ditch in the Middle Creek Wildlife area in Lebanon County.  The car had been reported stolen from Downingtown, Chester County.


Northern Lancaster County Regional Police said that three suspects were seen running from the area.  Two of the three men, 22 year old Ryan Donnelly and 23 year old Jacob Nelson both of Coatesville, were taken into custody with the help of the Mill Creek Township Police and the East Cocalico Township Police.  The third suspect, identified as 23 year old Vincent McCarraher was arrested Tuesday morning at a home in Reinholds, Lancaster County.

The suspects were arraigned Tuesday morning.  Charges against the three suspects include Receiving Stolen Property, Possession of Marijauna, and leaving the scene of an accident.  McCarraher and Nelson also have outstanding warrants from Chester County.

All three men are also the focus of an active criminal investigation in East Brandywine Township, Chester County.


  • Shannon Aulthouse

    Ryan Donnelly is my step son since he was three yrs old and he’s a good person with a big heart! He was being influenced my Vincent mcharriers father named Mark macharrier! He was providing narcotics for the 2 youngest and participating in the use of the narcotic!! He’s Scott free! Living in a empty house where he recently resided with his former wife mother of the 2nd detained suspect.. She left him bc he was a addict and had participate in the children getting previous charges while in his care and he was at the crime scene from prior charges and ran on foot away and allowed the boys to b accosted by other individuals in the area at the time and they took all the blame and criminal history and charges and their “poppie” as they call him , ran and did not get charges for his involvement!

    Also, he was asking the boys to do favors for him that could be considered criminal in nature to help him pay his rent at the residence he procured after the divorce of his former life partner and wife.. HE SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED AND WATCHED BC HE’S A HABITUAL NARCOTIC ABUSER AND HAS A LENGTHY CRIMAL RECORD HIMSELF. He needs to be caught finally and put in prison with some real dads that will no doubtedly give him a few lessons on what a REAL MAN/FATHER does to help his child/children become productive citizens in the community!

    He obviously showed them all what “skill set” he learned in his past and felt privy to teaching them to feed his drug habits and housing! MARK MACHARRER OF WEST END IN COATESVILLE PA….!!! U are scum and karma is coming your way! I hope u rot in prison real soon for what you encouraged my son Ryan to do!! Worse yet your own son and step son..!! U should never walk with your head up and never have the right to have any child call u dad, father, “poppie” or any other name ever again!

    • JustSayin

      If you know all this information maybe you should contact the police instead of commenting on fox 43 app.

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