Dangers of “Drunkorexia”

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It is a disturbing trend – college students who skimp on food to save those calories for alcoholic drinks.
More often than not, those students are young women.
It’s called “drunkorexia.”
Maisie Todd’s college friend struggled with the affliction.

“There isn’t anyone there to tell you what do, or look over your shoulder and she couldn’t deal with it,” said Todd. “She thought she was gaining weight, so she stopped eating, but still kept going out drinking at night – so it became a problem.”
Her story comes as no surprise to the eating disorder specialists at the Renfrew Center in Philadelphia. They frequently work with young women who starve themselves during the day, only to binge drink at night.
“You`re posing different dangers to  your body throughout the course of the day,” said Dr. Hahn of the Renfrew Center. “ You`re being exposed to long periods of time when you`re malnourished and not getting what you need and then you`re exposing yourself to high levels of alcohol.”
Ironically the most common group of people to drink high levels of alcohol are young women who regularly exercise, or watch what they eat.
In fact, the Journal of College Student Health found that students who did exercise or diet are 20 percent more likely to have five or more drinks in one sitting.
Dr. Hahn recommends frank discussions and asking tough questions. “Are you taking care of yourself? Are you putting yourself in dangerous situations that you worry about or that I should worry about,” said Dr. Hahn.


  • MyTakeOnIt

    Does this sort of stupidity exist at colleges in other countries? I'm just wondering if it is our culture here.

  • Anonymous

    Drinking can happen anywhere.. Drunkorexia is a thing that most women do to take there mind off there problems. They do it to cope with stress, depression, anxiety and many other problems that life hands you. They also do it to ” fill themselves” instead of living a well and more balanced diet and life. I strongly encourage teens and adults in general not to drink alcohol in replace of something that occures in everyones everyday life because itwill do nothing but kharm your body and affect loved ones around you!

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