9 Year Old Harrisburg Boy Missing

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Police say 9 year old Emontay Williams is missing from his Harrisburg home on South 15th Street.

His family told the police they couldn’t find the boy after his nap on July 1st.

But word of this missing boy is just now reaching the public.

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since Emontay Williams was last seen at his home.

His family says they believe he’s safe but aren’t sure why there isn’t more of an urgency to bring him home.

9 year old Emontay Williams climbed out of this window while his family slept.

Emontay’s stepmother didn’t want to show her face on camera, but says to her knowledge Emontay has not eaten since July 1st.

“I’m worried about his well being you know to see if he’s takin’ showers, changing clothes, eat you know I don’t know any of that,” says Emontay’s stepmom, Shawna Mansfield.

Mansfield says the police are searching but she believes not as actively because people have seen him.

“They’ve been doing what they have to do they’re following their leads they’ve been coming you know lettin’ him know that he’s been spotted but nobody just can seem to get their hands on him,” says Mansfield.

People tell police they’ve seen Emontay riding a bike in the Allison Hill area.

But no matter how hard the family searches, they can’t seem to find him.

“He knows a lot of people in the area and I’m just fearful that they’re just keeping him and not making him come home or bringing him back to where he stays at,” says Mansfield.

His sister Tyquaisha has lost her playmate for the time being.

FOX43 asked Tyquaisha if Emontay has left home like this before.

“No this is his first time,” says Tyquaisha.

She worries her little brother isn’t safe even though he may be staying with friends.

“It’s dangerous when he’s by himself, even at his friends house, something might happen,” says Tyquaisha.

When FOX43 visited the family’s home today his father was out looking for him, but wasn’t having any luck.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Harrisburg Police at 717-558-6900

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