Local basketball team is reaching new heights

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A local basketball team is reaching new heights.   The AAU South Central Select team is a group of the finest high school basketball players in the Harrisburg Area.

Tigh Savercool, AAU 17U Head Coach

“This team you have is really the best that Harrisburg can churn out, really from a talent perspective with size, athleticism and speed.”

These guys are so good, they’ll be playing in a national tournament in Florida next week that features the top 28 teams in the country.

Tigh Savercool, AAU 17U Head Coach

“Its tremendous for Harrisburg to go down and play that run up and down the streets of Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, all over the nation.  These kids play in these large cities and here’s little Harrisburg and we are going to go down there and hopefully do well.”

Josh Trumpy, Trinity HS

“I think that we will be able to hang with them.  Like you said, it could take a little bit but I think once we get going, I think we will be able to hold our own and play well against anybody.”

Dyllon Hudson-Emory, Bishop McDevitt HS

“It’s really exciting.  It’s the first one that I have ever been too and it’s on ESPN and you have to be excited for that.”

Along with a national audience, the team will  also get some great exposure, playing in front of major college coaches.

Tigh Savercool, AAU 17U Head Coach

“To get an opportunity to play in an NCAA certified event.  A live setting where these coaches can come sit on the sidelines and watch them play and they are nervous when they see the Georgetowns and Syracuses walk in but it’s a tremendous opportunity for the kids and it’s a whole lot of fun.”

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