Police crack down on aggressive drivers in Swatara Township

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Police are cracking down on aggressive drivers in Swatara Township, Dauphin County. Officers will be focusing on aggressive drivers along the 322 corridor and Eisenhower Boulevard.
Swatara Township police say this detail is specifically designed to target drivers who are speeding, texting while driving, following too closely, and driving recklessly.
Motorists are are encouraged to drive safe and be courteous to others on the road.

The ‘Aggressive Driving Enforcement Detail’ will run through Aug. 15.




  • uhavenoclu

    God did not put limits on us. Man put limits on us. There is only one law and it's not physical. The strongest power is unseen.
    They should crack down on the drivers who sit and have a picnic at stop signs and who drive slower than I walk.
    They should put away the traffic enforcement who sets the lights where you stop at every corner and the traffic is backed up for blocks.
    Just because someone is going faster than you and gives you the finger doesn't make them aggressive.

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