Local football coaches learn how to keep players safe

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Youth football coaches gathered in Gettysburg, Adams County on Saturday,  to learn how to keep players safe. They’re learning how to develop a safer game and lower the risk of concussions.
USA Football hosted the “Heads Up” Clinic at Gettysburg High School. The goal of the clinic was to demonstrate correct tackling positions.
Coaches emphasized using the chest as the point of contact instead of the head, as well as using the power from the hips and legs to bring down an opposing player.
Trainers hope these techniques will help decrease the number of concussions in youngsters who play football.
“We need to start at lower levels. It will become a safer game not only for them but when those kids reach the high school, college, professional level, it will be a safer game for everybody,” says Tom Sappington, a USA Football Master Trainer.
Former NFL players also attended the event, talking about the importance of safety in football.