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Harrisburg church honors Trayvon Martin

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The Goodwin Memorial Baptist Church in Harrisburg held a special service to honor the life of Trayvon Martin on Sunday.
Members of the church, along with community members, united at the church on Green Street to host “A Tribute to Trayvon Martin” service.
Rev. Doc. James D. Jackson says, “While many are angered with the not guilty verdict, the church must continue to point people to God and promote peace and love.”
He also says, “All things center around this one issue about continuing the pursuit of justice, continuing the pursuit of liberty and happiness for all people and this service is about that. Not to acknowledge the wrong, but maybe to celebrate how far we have come, but still acknowledging the fact that we have a long way to go.”
Sunday’s service included music, prayers, and presentations by local community leaders, including Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson.