Wildfire Fighters Return Home

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40 firefighters return home after battling those flames in Alaska.

Shortly after 9PM on Saturday wild firefighters who were deployed for two weeks returned home safely after what’s being described as a heart-wrenching experience.

These men and women left from Harrisburg on July 6th to lend a hand in the blazing fires just west of Fairbanks, Alaska.

The 85,000 acre fire is being called the “Stuart Creek 2” fire and was just 15% contained before crews left.

It’s not more than halfway under control and firefighters say they were well prepared.

“We expected that, but that is why they called us we figured that is what we were going to get into.  But it was something you don’t see much around here, it was awesome,” says firefighter, David Rogers.

“We trained Pennsylvanians to fight fires for 26 years now, so we are very proud of the men and women and… in light of everything that has happened recently in the news in Arizona the Governor and I just want to welcome our people home,” says Secretary, Ellen Ferretti.

These crews are spending the night at the Lower Swatara Fire Company and then tomorrow after breakfast they’ll be on their way home.

The exact cause of this Alaskan wildfire has yet to be determined but the Army is conducting a review.

As of now the estimated cost is around 8 million dollars.

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