How American families are saving for college

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Saving or finding the money to pay for college is a major issue for parents and their families.  In fact, a study released by Sallie Mae found that when asked to describe their feelings about saving for college, parents’ top answers were overwhelmed, annoyed, frustrated, scared, or that they don’t like thinking about it at all.  Among those not saving, 47 percent cite a barrier other than money.  That’s just one of the important findings in a Sallie Mae that was released in time for HOW AMERICA SAVES FOR COLLEGE WEEK.  The study reveals important new research about the challenges facing families struggling to pay for higher education while offering some positive suggestions.  It’s sure to ignite a new national debate about the role and cost of higher education.

•    PAST MISTAKES–How families are setting their goals for college savings
•    PRESENT ISSUES–Learn about the role education plays for getting “hired”
•    FUTURE CHALLENGES —Tools to determine the cost of college and how to pay for it

Sarah Ducich, Senior VP and policy expert for Sallie Mae, talks about the study and offers tips for parents and students for funding education.

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