Lebanon doctor charged with sexually assaulting patients

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Samuel F. Rashid, M.D. (picture from http://www.lvfm.org)

A Lebanon County doctor is facing allegations of sexual assault from 19 former patients. Dr. Samuel Rashid, 59, of Farmstead Circle, Lebanon, is accused of inappropriately touching the victims at Lebanon Valley Family Medicine, 1400 South Forge Road, in North Londonderry Township. One victim alleges Dr. Rashid made comments that made her feel uncomfortable when she would see him, like calling her a “pretty girl.” When she went to have her medications adjusted in the fall of 2012, she says Rashid ran his hand along the inside her thigh and touched her vagina through her pants. At another visit a few weeks later, the victim says Rashid touched her breast without consent after claiming he noticed a mole.

In another one case, the victim, who was 13 at the time of the alleged assault in 2008, said Rashid told her she was “a pretty girl” and his “favorite patient” when she went to see him for an ear infection. The victim says Rashid kissed her on the cheek. When Rashid placed a stethoscope on her chest, the victim says Rashid slid his fingers under her bra and fondled her breast and nipple.


  • ash

    and y would u let this happen to u ? ur just gonna sit there while this douche puts his hand up under ur bra and play with ur nipples ? i dont think so i would have puched that man in his damn face idc if he touched my leg like that or whatever you know when something like that is up that when u scream at him and DONT GO BACK FOR A SECOND VISIT!!!! everyone is an idiot in this case ! do we not teach our kids ne more THAT NO IS TO TOUCH UR PRIVATE PARTS in that way ya know like come on ? ….i know when theres something up when a guys acts weird like that i can tell right away !!! i just dont get it

  • uhavenoclu

    And the next time she went to see him he did this. . And the following time when the patient went to see him that happened along with this 6 years ago.
    There are many other drs some even female they could have gone to and even reported the incidences after the first time.

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