Man leaves baby alone in unlocked apartment in Glen Rock

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A Glen Rock man is charged with endangering the welfare of a child after allegedly leaving his 19 month-old daughter alone in his unlocked apartment. It happened on July 13th. Police say Gregory Polson, 26, of Main Street, left a note for a family member that he was late for work. Polston told police that the family member usually arrives by the time he leaves for work. Polston said he had no way of contacting the family member and didn’t know what to do.  He put his daughter down for a nap, wrote the note, and left for work.

It is unknown exactly how long the daughter was left unattended but appeared to be anywhere from fifteen minutes to a half an hour prior to the family member arriving. Polson is charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Child and Recklessly Endangering Another Person.  He is free after posting $20,000 bail.


  • Blondie

    I don't know this person, but I actually feel sorry for him. It seems he did what he thought was best, so he didn't lose his job which pays for this child's food and rent. We don't get the whole story here. Maybe the family member(baby's mom) was arriving 5 minutes late each time on purpose, and he was in risk of losing his job.No- It was not the right thing to do, he should of gotten more reliable care for the child, alot could of went wrong in that time when the child was alone, but you got to give it to him for atleast working and thinking someone would be there soon, so many people are looking for a free ride in life and too lazy to work.Seems to be the family member is the one who turned him in?

    • CaringMom

      To a degree I agree with you Blondie. I raised 5 kids, all out of college or in college or working now. There were times I am certain that even though I was home while they were napping, I may have been mowing or chatting with a neighbor for 15-30 min. without checking on a toddler in a crib…Even with monitor systems. This young father probably could not risk losing his job (and yes, that is a good thing) and he probably truly thought the next caregiver would be there soon….This is not an easy one to decipher, and I am sure we don't have all the facts; but a crime? Was the toddler hurt? Yes, he may have been I suppose. But chances are if the other responsible party was there soon after he left, all would have been fine. Wonder who had it in for this guy that they had to report it. There are worse things in the world people….and those things don't get reported until a child has been abused in much bigger ways. That's my 2 cents. No reply needed.

  • MyTakeOnIt

    So, I take it from the comments above that this sort of thing is happening rampant in the world. The possibilities of what could have resulted to a child that age are endless.

    Be that as it may, 15 minutes to a half-hour is about the amount of time that someone can go to their mailbox and get stopped by a neighbor to chat. It's also the amount of time that an adult can go out and clear the snow off of a car and sidewalk while their kid slept. Millions of parents step out of their homes to talk on the phone and smoke a couple of cigarettes on the porch for 15-30 minutes while their kids slept.

    Millions more would have knocked on a neighbor's door at a nearby apartment to ask for their help in watching the kid or using a phone.

    Whatever happened to warning citations for poor behavior that did not actually result in anything harmful? Yes, "family member" had it out for this guy and may have set him up.

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