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Firefighters pay tribute to volunteer killed in line of duty

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Firefighters participated in a somber goodbye to a young Lebanon County firefighter killed in the line of duty.

Quentin volunteer firefighter Bruce Sensenig, 20, died in a two-car collision Monday, after losing control of his car in heavy rain. He was on his way to respond to an accident.

A line of firefighters, dozens strong, from throughout Lebanon County and beyond, stood along Evergreen Road to salute Sensenig, as his funeral procession drove by Friday morning.

“I believe Bruce would be honored by this,” said Quentin Fire Chief Stanley Singer. “Bruce was extremely proud to be a firefighter. It was something that he aspired to do. I’m glad we were able to help him do that in his short life.”

Throughout the morning, fire truck after fire truck pulled in and regardless of whether they knew Sensenig personally, all were there for the same reason.

“Honoring a brother that lost his life, doing what we do everyday,” said Theo Arndt, a firefighter with Speedwell Engine and Hose in Lebanon County.

It was a simple tribute that was respectful of Sensenig’s Mennonite roots, which was something his family appreciated.

“Their ways of honoring a lost one is different,” said Janet Oberholtzer, a relative of Sensenig’s. “And I love seeing how they’re blending the two. They’re doing it in a way that honors both communities, that honors Bruce well.”

Sensenig, in his short life, made a big impact on those around him.

“We ourselves will remember Bruce as the funny man he was, he was a kind-hearted man,” Singer said.

The Quentin Fire Department is in the process of planning a public memorial for Sensenig to be held at a later date.