Manhunt for escaped prisoner in Dauphin County

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Several different police agencies in Dauphin County are looking for a man who escaped from the booking center at Dauphin County Prison.

Corey Gray, 30, was arrested last night on misdemeanor drug charges and DUI. He spent some time in a holding cell with another inmate. According to Assistant District Attorney Fran Chardo, at some point, Gray stole his cellmate’s identification. Gray used it to walk out of the Dauphin County Judicial Center. Minutes after the mistaken identity was realized, the search was on.


Police spent several hours searching in the area around the prison as well as around the Harrisburg Mall looking for the suspect.

Gray is still on the loose as of this hour, however police continue their search for him. Gray’s legal troubles have compounded considerably, as he now faces additional charges of identity theft and felony escape.

“This escape appears to be an act of impulse. Gray would be in much better shape if he turned himself in immediately,” says Chardo

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