Recent weather means abundance of sweet corn for farmers

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Many people weren’t a big fan of the heat wave that hit the area last week.

“It was hot!” said Stephanie Hagee with Lehman’s Roadside Market.

The warm temperatures mixed with plenty of rain did some good for farmers and their sweet corn.  “We’ve had plenty of sun and plenty of rain. It’s just perfect weather for it,” said Hagee.

“We’re known for our sweet corn,” said Hagee. “Sometimes there’s even a gap for it, there will be a week where we are short on corn.”

But not this year. Hagee says this year things have been a little different for the crop.

Usually at Lehman’s they space out when they grow the corn, but so far it’s been growing fast.

“We’re trying to finish this patch here, but we could be picking that one too,” said Hagee as she made her way through the rows of corn. “We probably won’t finish this patch. Because if we don’t, then that will get old and we won’t get to use it at all.”

“We never have this much at once, like very rarely. This is one of the busiest year we’ve had,” said Hagee.