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Hummelstown homes demolished nearly 2 years after Tropical Storm Lee

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It’s been nearly two years since Tropical Storm Lee hit Central Pennsylvania.

On Saturday people in Hummelstown took the last step in the cleanup process by demolishing homes.

It gives people that sense of closure they’ve been wanting for so long.

Jen Hanf watches as her Hummelstown home crumbles to the ground.

“How do you describe…”

She’s literally at a loss for words.

“I mean I don’t know how you describe it,” says Hanf.

The blood, sweat, and tears, that have been put into this home over the years all gone after flood waters from Tropical Storm Lee wiped it clean.

The old mill home was a serene place where you could feed the geese and listen to the river flow.

“It’s the perfect place but when Mother Nature comes…she rages,” says Hanf.

This original stonework was built in the 1700s and just as this house has lasted through many floods before.. Jen Hanf says so will her family. Just because this house no longer stands doesn’t mean the family has been knocked off their feet.

“Someone got me a little plaque and it says you never really know how strong you are until you have to. Well this was… we had to,” says Hanf.\

Hanf says she now understands firsthand how the people feel who went through Hurricane Sandy last fall.

“To come back and find your house totally unlivable and personal possessions gone,” says Hanf.

She vows to turn this negative experience into something positive for someone else.

“If something like this happens again we can go out and help people because we’ve been through it and we understand that you just don’t come in and throw stuff away,” says Hanf.

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  • Jen hanf

    Thanks Melanie,
    The story was great . Thank you
    For taking the time to come out and do the story on our house .
    Jen Hanf

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