Man has fatal heart attack on Rabbit Transit Bus

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A local man was riding on a Rabbit Transit Bus in York County on Saturday, when he started to have a heart attack.

According to York County Coroner Barry Bloss, Antonio Jones, 38, of York suffered a severe heart attack while onboard.

Mr. Jones was taken to York Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.


  • uhavenoclu

    No wonder riding a Rabbid bus or any rabbid thing will give you a heart attack and then some
    ..bite this instead of ride this.

  • uhavenoclu

    Oh for all the life is so serious which is why I fear everything including God so have to learn to walk and talk and say and do like man tells me even though nothing we say and had no meaning when we arrived.
    I mispelled rabbit la de da da.

    • MyTakeOnIt

      I was gonna make sense…then I got high.
      I was gonna spell correctly…then I got high.
      I was gonna get an education….then I got high.

      • uhavenoclu

        Lol thank you. ..afroman is da man….
        If people really listened to that song and not just the content and subject matter they will see that is probably the best anti drug song and message there is. Not like the stupid buzzed driving and a mind is a terrible thing to waste since people waste their minds all the time believing the false limited lifestyle society has you live and believe.
        Be born.go to school get a good job.get married buy a house have a family raise your kids retire….uhhh what a free live.
        Oh and maybe some might not have any savings left after they spent it on their kids and spoiling them and making sure that they have the life you never had even though they don't want the life you wanted and have.
        Some people get smart and divorce since there are more divorces then marriages and more dead people then living.
        So live the false false facade of life and we shall see who comes out on top of the mountain.

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