A push for gay marriage rights in the mid state

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Momentum for gay marriage in Pennsylvania appears to be building.

So far Montgomery County has issued more than 20 marriage licenses to gay couples.

This weekend a gay couple married in Harrisburg.

They’re one of several gay couples that the Montgomery County register of wills issued a marriage certificate to.

This past weekend’s emotional ceremony in Harrisburg could potentially be a trendsetter in the mid state.

For Rivera it was a personal experience that she hopes to have one day.

“My partner and I have been together for 28 years, we’re waiting for it to be legal in Dauphin county so we too can get married,” says Rev. Lori Rivera of Metropolitan Community Church of the Spirit.

Rivera married a gay Harrisburg couple this weekend along the Susquehanna after they received a license from Montgomery County.

“As with many couples who are having a service, you could just see the joy in their faces that they get to do this,” says Rivera.

Even though gay marriage licenses are being issued in Montgomery County doesn’t mean the state is recognizing them.

Bruce Hanes stands alone.

York County Register of Wills, Brad Jacobs, and every other county in the mid state won’t be issuing gay marriage licenses.

“I have to follow the constitution and legislation that our commonwealth passed,” says Jacobs.

He says not only does his job depend on following the law but he also promised to do so.

“We took an oath to support a ban to defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of Pennsylvania and by what he did I believe he disavowed that oath,” says Jacobs.

With an ACLU lawsuit challenging the state’s ban on gay marriage, Rivera remains hopeful.

“We say that we’re the state that brings rights for all people declaring us free from tyranny yet we’re not letting all the citizens of the state have those rights,” says Rivera.

Jacobs says the Montgomery County District Attorney may take legal action against Hanes.

As of Monday afternoon, York County has not had any requests for gay marriage licenses.

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