Deployed soldier’s pet sold on Craigslist

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A soldier is trying to get his pet back after returning home from Afghanistan to find the dog gone.

Brandon Harker says he asked a friend to watch his dog Oakley while he was deployed for eight months.

But when he tried to pick the dog up, the friend told him the dog was given away.

Harker found out through people he reached out to on social media that they’d seen the dog put up for sale on Craigslist.

He’s now calling local veterinarians and shelters in hopes of finding oakley.

Harker says Oakley “always ran up with his whole body shaking and put his head down to sniff you.  he thought he was a lap dog and he’d crawl up on the couch and try to fit on your lap.”

Oakley is micro-chipped and registered, but Harker hasn’t had any luck finding him so far.

He posted his search on Craigslist, and got a lot of sympathy, but still no Oakley.

If you have any information about Oakley contact Harker at Craigslist



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