State troopers, police crack down on aggressive drivers

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State troopers and local police officers are stopping aggressive drivers right in their tracks, as part of an ongoing traffic safety campaign.

It’s underway in nine municipalities in Cumberland, Lancaster, York and Dauphin Counties, and Penbrook, Dauphin County is one of them.

Penbrook’s Walnut Street is a gateway straight into Harrisburg from the east. Officers say it’s a problem area for aggressive drivers who like to speed through the borough.

Monday, Penbrook Officer Brant Maley stayed pretty busy on enforcement detail.

“Not only do we look for speed, we look for people who are following too closely, making inappropriate lane changes, not using their turn signals,” he said.

PennDOT chose Penbrook and eight other local police departments to receive grants to combat aggressive driving in specific problem areas.

“35 is the speed limit in the area we’re running today,” Maley said. “In the past, we’ve had speeds, actually as high as 92 miles per hour on this stretch of roadway.”

For these officers, it’s not about giving out tickets, it’s about changing dangerous driving behaviors.

“Speeding is the number one aggressive driving violation that we have nowadays,” said Lindsay Deppen, South Central Law Enforcement Liaison. “Number one cause of most of our aggressive driving crashes.”

“It can be deadly, yes,” added Maley.

This aggressive driving enforcement campaign runs through September 30th.


  • MyTakeOnIt

    Why must there be a special grant and time period to bust aggressive drivers? It should be a regular traffic enforcement duty like it used to be. Answer: There is too much other blatantly violent activity like bank robberies and shootings and not enough finding to have the manpower to enforce the scofflaws.

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