California mayor’s blood donation rejected because he’s gay

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The mayor of Campbell walked into a blood drive Wednesday to try and donate his blood, but he was rejected because he is openly gay.CAMPBELL, Calif. —

A Red Cross Blood Drive in Campbell, which started at noon, was organized because there was a reported shortage of donors in the summer months, according to officials.

At about 3 p.m., Evan Low and Rich Waterman, the city’s mayor and vice mayor, respectively, came in to sign up and donate their blood.

Both had worked to help host the blood drive but because they are openly gay they were not allowed to donate Wednesday.

Low said Wednesday that prohibiting gay donors on the basis of risk for HIV or other diseases is discriminatory because heterosexual donors can carry the same risks and their blood donations are still accepted.

Low thinks the focus should be on proper blood testing before donations enter the nation’s blood supply.

“We are in 2013 and we use science to determine the criteria for tainted blood,” said Low. It’s very important that we look at behavior and using science instead of a discriminatory policy.”

The Red Cross told KTVU that they were just following the national policies set by the U.S. Food and Drug administration (FDA), who has deferred gay blood donors since 1983 on the basis of increased risk of HIV.

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  • Alan

    Are you aware that you can not give blood if you had any tattoo work done in a year ?
    How’s that for an old stereotype,
    Today’s tattoo shops are a very sterile.

  • Ernie

    Yes I was aware of that. Others are not but trust me, I was fully aware of that. And if I can
    I will make others aware of that. That way most will be aware of that. Like I have nothing else
    to do but make people aware of that. But I will try. It won't hurt to try.

  • weimerheimer

    Guidelines for donating blood are set forth for public safety. It's a known fact that people who are drug users and/or gay have "more" of a chance of having "blood borne" issues than those who don't.

    Deal with it folks.

  • uhavenoclu

    Alexander the great was gay.abraham Lincoln slept with his assistant. Many men of the bible were gay case in point the men who wanted to" get to know" the 3 strangers in lotts home. But lott offered his daughters instead and they refused.
    How many of you against it experimented in college in high school in middle school and held hands with each other in pre school?
    You didn't think it was wrong then. Until society the neighbors and parents told you it was wrong.
    People live in fear of what others will think and do instead of living by their heart.
    How many against it and making noise about it are in fact living a lie?

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