Man defends decision to shoot bear

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A Massachusetts Man is defending his decision to shoot a bear that came on to his property. The bear was poking around at an enclosed pen that housed Golden Retriever puppies.  Jake Victor said he tried to scare the bear away, but when that didn’t work he got his gun. He shot the bear once in the shoulder, and then followed it into the woods to shoot it twice more before calling police.  A picture of the dead bear was posted to the East Brookfield Police Department’s Facebook page with a warning not to shoot bears. That post has sparked a heated debate online as to if Victor was right in the way he choose to protect the puppies.


  • tony454tiger

    I don't believe in shooting an animal just to kill it. What I read here is a man protecting his property. He says he tried to scare the bear away first. I guess when that didn't work he shot it. Second point is that he tracked the animal to put him down so it didn't suffer. Just what is it he did wrong? Maybe he should have called the police, ranger, or animal control first if he had the time.
    After shooting the bear was the meat saved to eat? I'm not sure if bear is a good meat to eat but could the meat have been donated? Is there more to the story here? If saving the meat or any other part of it was saved then the bear didn't die for nothing'

  • MyTakeOnIt

    This guy panicked or was looking to be some sort of hero, which he is not. The story says that the bear was poking around. It did not say that the bear was trying to get to the pups. The guy could have fired a warning shot to scare the bear. Replace the word bear in this story with the word burglar.

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