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House Speaker in Harrisburg; rally for immigration reform

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While U.S. House Speaker John Boehner (R) addressed people gathered for a fund raiser in Harrisburg, supporters of immigration reform rallied in City Island and called for action.

The fund raiser, which was closed to the press, was for Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA 4th). Boehner did not comment after the event.

“We are a diverse group of people here to tell John Boehner that he is not standing up for citizens in general,” said Tonya Morrow, of Allentown.

Before the summer recess, the Senate passed a sweeping immigration bill that provides a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and puts more money and resources toward border security and surveillance.

Perry said he anticipates the House to pass immigration legislation this year in a piecemeal fashion as opposed to one large bill. But, he does not anticipate that legislation to simply mirror what the Senate has done.

“We know the system is broken. However, we’re not going to, and the House is not going to, the American people do not want to reward people that break the law as their first act to come into this country,” said Perry. “We don’t want to just fix it to say that we fixed and actually make the matters sometimes worse, which is in my opinion what overall the Senate bill does.”

Among the people gathered on City Island was Carmen Guerrero. She came to Pennsylvania 13 years ago seeking asylum from the violence in Mexico. She did not apply for asylum within the required one-year deadline and is an undocumented immigrant.

“I’m a single mom. I’m working very hard to raise my kids. I’m paying my taxes. I’m trying to speak English. I’m trying to do my best,” said Guerrero.

Lawmakers will return to Washington after Labor Day.


  • hacimo

    Problems With the Senate (Gang of 8) Immigration Bill
    #13: The Bill is nothing but an "Amnesty" : The median income in the united states exceeds the median income in Mexico by about $30,000/yr. This is the motivating gain that drives people to commit acts of illegal migration, and to act as a meaningful punishment, the penalty imposed on illegal migrants must exceed their motivation. Contrary to these principals, the senate bill offers migrants a full pardon and legal status in return for a fine of only $500. Even this small payment can be waved by the secretary of DHS in cases of hardship. Clearly therefore, the fine on migrants under the senate bill is no more than a symbolic gesture and the bill itself is nothing but an Amnesty in the fullest sense. To escape classification as an Amnesty, the fine under the senate bill should be increased to approximately $50,000 and furthermore this fine should be mandatory. In extreme hardship cases the Secretary of DHS could offer a loan. Payments on this obligation could be collected by mandatory payroll deduction, much as with the treatment of delinquent student loans.

  • hacimo

    Problems With the Senate (Gang of 8) Immigration Bill
    #11: Greatly increases legal immigration: Over the past decade the average total rate of immigration via green cards has been steady at a little over 1 million a year. A recent Gallup poll of all voters indicates that only 23% would favor an increase above this level. Thus more then 3 out of 4 voters favor either reducing immigration or else keeping it at present levels. Yet, according to the CBO and other independent analysis, the senate bill doubles the legal immigration rate, and in some estimates the rate will even triple. How can this possible be a good thing for american workers when 12 million are unemployed and more then 8 million are stuck in unsatisfactory part time jobs? How can it be good when, in real terms after inflation, the median wage of an american worker is lower today then 45 years ago in 1968! Wages have stagnated for 45 years and yet the authors of the Senate immigration bill act like we have a labor shortage. Why else would we need to double legal immigration? This is total insanity!

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