Man accused of kidnapping and assaulting 5-year-old girl apologizes

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    73 -year- old Harold Herr, walked slowly into his preliminary hearing on Monday. Herr, already a registered sex offender, was found guilty of a similar crime back in 1989. In that case he abducted a 5-year-old girl, took her into a cornfield and raped her.

Herr, is now accused of  kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl from her Grandmother’s house in mid July.

In court documents Herr told police he was not involved with this crime. But when he arrived at his preliminary hearing he had a different story.

” I’ m sorry…. for what I’ve done…..I’m too ashamed to say,” said Herr

During the hearing the judge asked Herr if he understood that by waving his preliminary hearing his case would go to trial. He responded, “ I’ll take the shame.”

Court documents show Herr told the girl she was pretty and wanted to keep her. The affidavit goes on to show he then forced her into his car, threatened to kill her, and sexually assaulted her. He then brought the victim to get ice cream. After that, two boys spotted the girl in the car, and started to follow him.  It was then that he let the little girl go.

Herr is charged with 11 different crimes including sexual assault and kidnapping –

Herr’s formal arraignment  is scheduled for August 23rd at 9 am.


  • uhavenoclu

    Why do people appologize after the fact? .oh so theprosecutors can give them a plea bargain for a lighter sentence for all they care about is being better than the other and costing the people lots of money to house and feed them.

  • sickofit

    I sure hope "Bubba" apologizes to him during his stay at the "honeymoon suite" in the state prison !!!

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