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Breastfeeding in Harrisburg

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August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month, so today, several mothers gathered in Harrisburg to celebrate.

Physician General Dr. Carrie Delone spoke at the Captiol Rotunda to remind mothers about the importance of breastfeeding.

Several other mothers discussed their personal experiences and how they are working together to promote public awareness.


Something else to celebrate during this year’s World Breastfeeding Month…
A new study shows women who breastfeed may be cutting their risk of Alzheimers Disease by up to two thirds!
A Cambridge University study found that benefits increase with longer periods of breastfeeding as well.
When compared to women who did it for only four months — those who breastfed for over a year lowered their risk of having the disease by twenty percent.


  • uhavnoclu

    wouldn't that be expose?.Why say it's ok for some to show a part of their body but not others.?
    Women can use their body shown to feed while men cannot show a part of their body to relieve themselves which is a primary function.

  • Ali

    Well “anonymous”, when that body part can nourish another human being then maybe they will change the laws.

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