Malnourished dog found in York County

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The York County SPCA is looking for information on who abandoned a malnourished, mixed-breed dog last week in East Manchester Township.

The 5-month-old male dog was only 15 pound when he was brought to the SPCA, his normal weight should have been twice that.

A passerby on Jerusalem School Road found the dog Thursday evening.
the SPCA believes he was kept in a cage.

Melissa Smith, the York Co. SPCA Executive Director, says “we took a deep breath when we saw him because he was so emaciated and in such poor condition. and, so we wanted to get the word about him to see if anyone may have known who owned him and how he came to be as a stray and why he’s looking the way he is.”

The SPCA is still waiting for the dog’s test results to see if he will be healthy enough to adopt in the future.

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  • MyTakeOnIt

    Hey people. If you are unable to care for a dog or cat and are unable to give it away to a friend, bring it to a shelter. Don't let it get this far because then instead of being a decent person, you are a freakin' idiot. If you believe there is a hell, this is a sure fire way to get there.

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