Mid-Penn coaches have unique game day rituals

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The players and coaches gather for Mid-Penn Media Day.  It’s safe to say, these guys are ready for some football.  One head coach says, Friday nights lights, may be better, than his wedding day.

Mark Saunders, Chambersburg Head Coach

“I really can’t think of anything that matches that but maybe when I got married.  There may have been some explosions then but for that 3 hour period there is nothing to compare it too.”

Mike Berry, Big Spring Head Coach

“My quirk is that I go through a pack of gum a game.  Thats a tick or something.  In fact, I will go through a pack of gum a day.”

Scott Shacreaw, Waynesboro Head Coach

“I can tell you that my pregame ritual is 11 ammoniums deep is kind of where we go so I will leave it at that.”

Frank Gay, Camp Hill Head Coach

“I still throw up every game.  Its just the way it is with me, it happens.  Its over with and we’ll get moving so yes I get very excited.”