5 Angels Soccer Tournament

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Five New Oxford High School students, who were killed in a car crash in 2011, were honored with a soccer tournament on Saturday.

The “Five Angels Soccer Tournament” kicked off at Utz Field in Conewago Township, Adams County.  16 teams played in the tournament to raise money for the Colonial’s soccer programs.  Some of the money raised also goes towards college scholarships for two New Oxford High School graduates.  Margaret Sheridan, whose daughter Casey died in the accident, says she’s happy something positive is coming out of the tragedy.

“In light of a tragedy you have two choices, you can either give up or you can try to do something positive and we are remembering our children in a positive way,” Sheridan says.

“We wouldn’t miss this for anything, nothing, to this day I still carry her picture in my wallet. Her family is just outstanding, she is greatly missed and thought of everyday,” says Casey’s former coach James Wright.