Amish Mafia: Real or Fake?

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The biggest show to come out of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is back on the air Tuesday night for its second season.  The Discovery Channel’s hit series, Amish Mafia follows “Lebanon Levi” and three assistants who work to protect the Amish community through any means necessary.  Fox43 sat down with legal analyst, Steven Breit to discuss all things Amish Mafia and to answer the question on everybody’s minds, is the show real?  Breit also discussed what fans can expect from the new season and some of the stars recent legal problems.


  • Kermhet

    Amish Mafia is 100% FAKE! The actors aren’t very good actors and the writers knowledge of Amish lifestyle is seriously lacking. Its the most inaccurate depiction of the Amish that I’ve ever seen. Lancaster law enforcement has disputed claims of arrests and have stated that they are unaware of any “Amish Mafia” and many businesses said to be paying “protection money” to Levi have stated that they have never heard of any such person or group.


  • MyTakeOnIt

    Waste of time.
    Mow the lawn. Play with your dog. Toss a football with your kid. Cook dinner instead of ordering pizza. Read a newspaper. Go for a walk.

  • ChicagoDave

    Fake, wanna-be toughguys. It’s not tough to be….lol…..”hard core” in Amish country. Any real city would eat these clowns alive!

  • j.r ewing*

    And another thing, how much r they taking for protection from these poor Idiots their driving 50,000 dollar cars except the 40 yr old Looney from Tulsa he rolls around on his kids scooter LMAO OUTLOUD!!!!

  • j.r ewing*

    You should have an episode where they catch the 40 yr old Looney raping the neighbors calf and they make an example of him by dragging him around by his nut sack behind LEVI’S horse buggy. That would be worth watching! LMAO OUTLOUD!!!!

  • j.r ewing*

    I could make this shows popularity skyrocket with my ideas. Why not make the 40 yr old virgins Hore sister the new Don. Levi would be better off as a gopher! Give it a twist have her screwing all her solgiers plus the Looney. Add backstabbing,deceit,prostitution gosh my ideas are endless. Credits would hit the roof! Call me if interested!

  • j.r ewing*

    And another thing after I’m director of this Bitch, i want to take Steven Breits title away of legal analyst and make him my Bitch gopher! I’d make that Bitch famous too!! Do you hear me Steven?

  • John

    They don't even know how to properly pronounce Lebanon or Lancaster on the show. No one born and raised in that area would pronounce those places like they do. What a joke.

  • Austin Cassidy

    This attorney would be disbarred and prosecuted in my state, CA. Reason … collusion to commit felonies .. why foreknowledge of the actions of a criminal enterprise. He’d be on the fusion centers radar. Blocking Discovery channel on jeannie.

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